A group of companies specializing in innovative, advanced composites and metal applications that add functionality to aircraft operating in especially demanding environments. This group’s capabilities include the design, development, and large-scale production of parts and assemblies for defense and aerospace organizations. Many of our products require specialized equipment, tooling and manufacturing processes.

AGC AeroComposites Seattle manufactures machined and formed metal assemblies and parts that demand proven manufacturing processes and responsive program management.

The Seattle facility has a legacy of producing high-quality aftermarket and production assemblies for a variety of military, commercial and business, and general aviation aircraft platforms. The team's ability to utilize in-house, rapid prototyping processes, in support of full production runs, has made it a valued supplier of aerospace structures for yesterday's aging fleets and tomorrow's next generation airframes.

AGC AeroComposites Monterey designs, develops and manufactures high-performance, lightweight structures for the aerospace and defense industries. 

The team's key strength is taking an idea from concept to full-scale production while maintaining responsiveness, and providing high-value, quality solutions.  The site provides engineering and manufacturing services including: detailed design; Finite Element Analysis (FEA); prototyping; field testing; production tooling; design engineering; and rate production/throughput

AGC AeroComposites Hayden manufactures and assembles advanced composites – both structural and nonstructural – for aerospace customers across the globe.

With over 30 years of providing high-value products, support, and integrated solutions to the aerospace industry, the team has earned a reputation for responsiveness and excellence in the fabrication of complex aircraft components using automated production processes.  Hayden is strategically-located near the greater Spokane metro area.

AGC AeroComposites Derby develops and manufactures complex, high-precision, fabricated and machined metallic components and assemblies for the aerospace and power generation industries. 

The Derby-based facility has a long- standing history of supplying high-value, precision products for demanding applications such as aero gas turbines, aircraft structures, and land-based gas turbines. 

AGC AeroComposites Derby offers advanced manufacturing and engineering expertise for a wide variety of metal alloy parts and assemblies found in commercial and military aircraft, nuclear reactors, and power generation turbines.

AGC AeroComposites Yeovil specializes in advanced composite materials technology for aerospace applications. The team enhances the performance of vital defense systems, aircraft interiors, and air transport equipment worldwide.

The Yeovil-based facility provides customers with design engineering of high-strength, lightweight products from composite materials that are corrosion-free, fatigue-tolerant, or fire- retardant. The site has a reputation for responsiveness and for helping customers achieve their performance goals with optimum weight and operational costs and for support in the aftermarket with spares.

AGC AeroComposites Portland specializes in advanced materials technology for sea and land systems. The facility's technologies enhance the performance of vital defense systems, communications networks, and transport equipment worldwide.

The site  provides high-value, acoustic and radar stealth solutions for submarines and surface ships, producing a wide range of materials and applied treatments that improve the acoustic performance of vital detection equipment while significantly reducing detectability.