A group of companies specializing in creative financing for customers within the aerospace community. When conventional loan sources are not within reach, companies in AGC’s Finance Group can often find positive answers, based on their superior understanding of asset value within the aerospace and defense industries.

SinglePoint offers financing for commercial aviation customers. Combining a wealth of experience in banking with an intimate knowledge of aircraft and aircraft engines, we partner with customers who are ready to purchase a plane or a fleet, upgrade their avionics, overhaul their aging assets or finance their retail inventory. Located in Midwest City, Oklahoma, SinglePoint can structure and execute complex transactions that precisely fit specific client needs.

ALG specializes in the aircraft finance and leasing for government agencies worldwide. When appropriated funding is not sufficient to support an aircraft system, creative solutions for leasing or enhancing can often be found. Headquartered in Guthrie, Oklahoma, ALG’s combination of expertise in both aircraft and government procurement processes enables us to help meet critical mission requirements.