Jeff Davis

Mr. Davis leads Acorn's operations and investor development activities. He directs the early stage initiatives of the Firm, oversees portfolio company activities and provides direction for the execution of Acorn's investment strategy.

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Rick Nagel

Mr. Nagel directs the latter-stage initiatives of Acorn Growth Companies, concentrating on the firm's acquisition, merger, and portfolio operating activities. He serves in direct executive and oversight capacities for several firms held by Acorn, which include manufacturing, engineering services, applied sciences, maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, intelligence and surveillance operations, and specialty government leasing and financing.

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Jeff Morton

Jeff Morton serves as Executive Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer of Acorn and its portfolio companies. Mr. Morton’s responsibilities include financial, tax, treasury, insurance and administrative support and oversight related to the identification, negotiation, due diligence, acquisition, operation and reporting of Acorn, its portfolio companies and the financial management of Acorn funds.

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Robert Hinaman
Managing Director, Mergers & Acquisitions

Mr. Hinaman joined Acorn Growth Companies in 2007 and is based in Washington, DC. Bob is a senior investment banker with over 25 years experience in global mergers and acquisitions and international capital markets. His primary industry focus is aerospace and defense and government IT, and he has been involved in over $10 billion of transactions over his banking career.

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Brad Bradford
Managing Director, Fund IV

As part of the executive team, Brad oversees the structure and fundraising efforts of Acorn's fund IV



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Kendra Clements
VP, Human Resources

Kendra Clements serves as the Vice President of Human Resources for AGC Aerospace & Defense supporting the portfolio of companies under the AGC Aerospace & Defense brand. She joined the company in October 2011 and was recruited to lead the company’s Human Resources operations.

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Dale Jordan
VP, Finance

Dale Jordan joined Acorn in 2012 and as the vice president of finance. He brings more than 27 years of executive management, accounting and finance experience, primarily with high growth enterprises. Jordan has overseen more than 30 international acquisitions representing over $500 million in debt and equity financing during his tenure.

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Todd Barnett
VP, Business Development

Todd Barnett joined Acorn Growth Companies (AGC) in December 2008 and is based in Acorn's Salt Lake City, Utah office. AGC's Business Development organization serves its portfolio of aerospace and defense companies through training and supporting their diverse business development, sales, and marketing requirements.

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Erika Lucas
VP, Marketing & Communications

As a member of the executive team, Erika leads the marketing and strategic communication initatives for the firm and its protfolio of companies, leveraging from past experience in defining and evaluating strategies for transnational corporations and goverment agencies.

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