Rick Nagel
Managing Partner

As the Managing Partner of Acorn Growth Companies, Rick Nagel leads the strategic direction of the firm and its portfolio assets.

He first served Acorn as an Advisory Board Member and in 2004 joined as a partner, launching the firm¹s private equity practice. Since, he has led and is responsible for the current geographic footprint, fund operations, fundraising activity, investment deal generation, portfolio integrations and company performance improvement initiatives.

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Jeff Davis

As the firm’s Founding Partner, Jeff Davis currently manages the firms Services and Finance Portfolios, and supports its investor relations functions.  A member of Acorn’s investment and governance committees, he is heavily involved with deal sourcing, due diligence, and transition support.  He also serves on the boards of Acorn’s portfolio companies.

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Jeff Morton, CPA
Partner, CFO

As a Senior Partner and serving as the Chief Financial Officer, Morton manages and oversees the financial management of the firm, its funds, and its portfolio companies. He plays a critical role as part of the Capital Management team with efforts related to the identification, negotiation, due diligence, and acquisition. He actively participates in the corporate governance of the firm, and is a board member of a number of the portfolio companies.

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Robert Hinaman
Managing Director, Mergers & Acquisitions

As a Senior Partner, Robert Hinaman leads Acorn’s Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Finance functions, which include developing relationships with intermediaries, directing the outbound calling and sourcing program, and managing the acquisition process from evaluation through due diligence, financing, and closing. Hinaman has broad transactional experience in the aerospace and defense industry on a global basis and he assists the firm in executing its strategic direction objectives.

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Brandon Bradford, CFA
Managing Director, Fund IV

As a Partner, Bradford leads Acorn’s portfolio and risk management practices, which includes developing proprietary macro, sector, and subsector research and performance monitoring capabilities. Bradford also participates in in the firms due diligence efforts and serves on the investment committee.

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Kendra Clements
VP, Human Resources

As a Partner in Acorn, Clements is the Vice President of Human Resources for the firm and its portfolio of companies.  She manages the firm’s global Human Resources operations, compliance, and health and welfare programs.

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Dale Jordan, CPA
VP, Finance

As a Partner, Jordan joined Acorn Growth Companies in 2012.  His responsibilities include due diligence support, analysis, financial reporting, tax planning, insurance and accounting-related functions of the organization.  He provides critical support to the capital management team with the integration of current and future acquisitions and supports the Finance portfolio as its acting CFO.

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Debbie Davis
Senior Partner

As a Senior Partner, Davis is responsible for transition management of newly acquired companies by Acorn, and their respective strategic planning, organizational development, and alignment. She also oversees the execution of Acorn University which provides targeted curriculum on best practices in areas that include LEAN, Supply Chain Optimization, Business Development, Bid & Proposal, Human Capital Development, Communications, and Strategic Selling.

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Todd Barnett
VP, Business Development

As a Partner in Acorn, Barnett’s primary function is to support the merger and acquisition efforts of the firm while leading the organic business development activity for the portfolio companies.  He works closely with the management team of each company and provides strategic guidance, proposal and capture services, competitive intelligence support, training courses, sales forecasting resources, and IT systems support.

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Mr. Hennessey serves as a strategic and operating advisor to Acorn in support of the firm’s merger and acquisition activities. Hennessey has more than 35 years of experience in the national security arena.  His expertise extends from the operational complexities of joint-combined warfare, legislative affairs, and the discovery and development of innovative new technologies.

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Darryl Wilkerson
VP, Strategy

Wilkerson serves as Acorn’s VP of Strategy, and is the acting president of AGC's Integrated Defense Group which includes AGC portfolio companies with synergies in maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO), new and used aircraft sales, proprietary FAA certified aftermarket products, system integrations with emphasis on intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), fixed base operations (FBO), and turn-key government special mission air operations.

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Erika Lucas
VP, Marketing & Communications

As a Partner, Lucas supports the merger and acquisition efforts of Acorn while also working to support the marketing, strategic communications, and branding efforts of both the firm and its portfolio companies.  She supports the integration of new and existing acquisitions to the firm’s broader investment strategy and supports international business outreach efforts.

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Dan Mooney
Government Programs Manager

As the government programs manager, Dan Mooney provides strategic capture support to Acorn’s portfolio companies.  He also serves as the AGC Metric System administrator – a proprietary system designed to monitor and assess the real-time health and performance of the portfolio companies while providing a predictive perspective on future performance.

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Nikela Sandoval
Project Coordinator

Sandoval serves as project coordinator supporting various activities for the Capital Management Team focusing primarily on outbound deal generation.

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